A Human Rights Narrative: Additional value for your company, suppliers and customers

23. February 2021

Connecting the dots: Identifying Human Rights in the SDGs and the linkages with the UN Guiding Principles

28. April 2021

Human Rights on the Doorstep: Risk analysis at destination level in Europe

May 2021

Human Rights on the Doorstep: Risk analysis at destination level in Latin America

July 2021

The Suit in the Bag, Due Diligence at Home: Human rights for business travellers

September 2021

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Encounters at Eye Level_Cover

Upcoming: Webinar 10. December 2020

Encounters at Eye Level: Tackling Racism in the Tourism Value Chain

Experts inputs and a good practice example - creating awareness and taking action

10 December 2020, 02:00 - 03:00 pm CET

Structural racism often happens unintentionally – also in tourism - and can be actively avoided.

In the jubilee year of the independence of many African countries and on Human Rights Day, the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism wants to give some food for thought on the following questions:

How did colonialism lead to structural discrimination? To what extent does this affect the tourism industry today, and what can an SME tour operator do about it?

The Roundtable will discuss these questions with Yvonne Küpper from the tour operator Fairaway, freelancing journalist Pia Masurczak and Martinique Lewis (Black Travel Foundation).

This Webinar is explicitly targeted at SME tour operators and has the following objectives:

  • Know the history: Understand the impact of colonialism
  • Create awareness: Learn where we act racist without wanting to
  • Take action: Small steps towards anti-racism in your business and value chain

Find the detailed description here

Webinar Human Rights impact assessment August 2019

Webinar 28. August 2019

How can tour operators assess human rights impacts in the value chains?

This 1-hour webinar explains: 

  • the development process, the content and methodology of the digital Roundtable HRIA “blueprint” tool; 
  • the project set-up and how the development of the HRIA “blueprint” tool is connected with the on-site assessment in Thailand and Myanmar; 
  • insights in the process to prepare such an on-site assessment
Webinar 2 October 2019 start slide

Webinar 2.October 2019

This is our second webinar to inform interested Roundtable members and other stakeholders about the HRIA blueprint project.

In the first webinar, we explained the overall approach and content of the tool, and the project set up. The second webinar informs about the on-site assessment that was conducted in Thailand and Myanmar from 5 to 17 September, and guides step by step through the content of the blueprint tool before explaining the next steps.