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Take the next step on the way to a human right conform tourism… join the RT network of members.

The Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism is the biggest sector dialogue on Human Rights in Tourism, bringing together various stakeholders from six countries. Any tourism business and any institution interested in promoting sustainable tourism and human rights in tourism can become a member of the Roundtable. This is independent of previous experiences in this field.

In particular, small and medium-sized tourism businesses are invited to become member, get involved in the field of "human rights in tourism" and to benefit from existing know-how and best practices. 

Open and honest communication between members is crucial to develop trust, which forms the basis for collaboration within the Roundtable.
The Roundtable strongly supports that not only similar opinions are shared, but that differences are also addressed in a respectful way, in order to understand the extent of conflicting interests and needs present.

The Roundtable is open to all institutionalised stakeholders who

Please contact our office if you are interested in becoming a member. We can then talk about the process and next steps.

Our members benefit from a range of offers and services:
Sympoisum Vienna 2018 Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism

Network, Coordination & Support

  • High level of recognition and credibility (mentioned in NAP Germany, invited to political panels, discussions and consultancies …)
  • Biggest sector dialogue platform in the tourism industry bringing together different stakeholders, offering a broad network
  • Internationality
  • Impact-orientation
  • Demand-led initiative: open for members’ demands and needs
  • Head office for contact, assistance, planning and information
Bedouins Tourists Meeting Encounter

Common approach towards a complex topic

  • Knowledge sharing beyond competition
  • Contribution of members' unique knowledge, acting as partners and contributing unique knowledge towards the same goal, Peer-to-peer learning
  • Inclusion of multiple perspectives, use of interdependencies
  • Collection of relevant information, guidelines, manuals, tools and literature
  • Working groups on relevant topics (open for proposals from members)
Roundtable Presentation Petra Thomas 2017

Initiation of Joint Projects & Application for Funding

  • Support in funding acquisition / project proposals
  • Contact to relevant institutions (GIZ, EDA, SECO etc.) to apply for project funding
  • Initiation of pilot projects