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Human Rights matter – also in tourism

„All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.“
Article 1, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human rights issues become increasingly important in corporate governance. For many businesses in the tourist industry, it no longer matters whether but rather how they address their human rights responsibility. The Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism supports companies in their effort to implement a strategy for human rights due diligence.


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New paid offer: Trainings for (SME) Tourism Businesses

Check our practice-oriented entry-level online trainings for (SME) tourism businesses on human rights and regulations.


Business Roundtable: Human Rights Due Diligence in Albania's Tourism Supply Chain

We co-organised a Business Roundtable on Strengthening Human Rights Due Diligence in Albania's Tourism Supply Chains on 6 June in Tirana.


TO DO Award & TO DO Award Human Rights: New Competition Round - Nominate now!

We need your eyes and ears - for sustainable tourism projects that deserve recognition - Send your suggestions by 31.07!


Lunch & Learn with Ventura Travel / V Social Foundation: "Intersectoral Cooperation for Positive Impact in Travel Destinations - A Case Study From Mexico"

(Re-)watch our Lunch & Learn with Ventura Travel/ V Social Foundation from Wednesday 19 June, 12 - 12.45 pm CEST


We welcome a new member: ECTAA

We welcome ECTAA as new association member. Read their statement.


We welcome a new member: Die Spezialisten

We welcome Die Spezialisten as tour operator member. Read their statement.


We welcome a new member: EXO Travel

We welcome EXO Travel as tour operator member. Read their statement.


Lunch and Learn with Planet Abled: Mainstreaming Accessibility and Inclusion in the Tourism Industry

Lunch&Learn with Planet Abled: Accessibility & Inclusion in the Tourism Industry took place on 29.04 2024, 12.00-12.45 pm CEST


Lunch & Learn with AVNR: "Working Towards The Eradication of Child Exploitation in Tourism"

Lunch&Learn Session "Working Towards The Eradication of Child Exploitation in Tourism" took place on 18.03.2023, 12-12.45 pm CET.


The Roundtable at the ITB Berlin 2024

View the documentation of our presence and various sessions on human rights in tourism that we hosted and moderated at ITB 2024.

Hände am Baum

Who we are

The Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism is a non-profit association under German law and an international multi-stakeholder initiative promoting human rights in tourism.
It provides incentives for enterprises, organisations and institutions that commit themselves to respect human rights in tourism according to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

We are the most impactful multi-stakeholder initiative to promote the rights of people in tourism.

Through cooperation we build a trusted network of different stakeholders in tourism. We provide access to expertise, initiate pilot projects and develop learning materials. We support the implementation of human rights due diligence in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles within tourism companies, the supply chain and in destinations.

Our members benefit from a range of offers and services:

Network, Coordination & Support

  • Biggest sector dialogue platform in the tourism industry bringing together different stakeholders, offering a broad network
  • High level of recognition and credibility (mentioned in NAP Germany, invited to political panels, discussions and consultancies …)
  • Internationality
  • Impact-orientation
  • Demand-led initiative: open for members’ demands and needs
  • Head office for contact, assistance, planning and information

Knowledge Exchange

  • Common approach towards the complex area of human rights
  • Knowledge sharing beyond competition, acting as partners and contributing unique knowledge towards the same goal, Peer-to-peer learning
  • Inclusion of multiple perspectives, use of interdependencies: sharing individual concerns and commonly work/joint interaction towards the practical implementation of human rights due diligence on the tourism sector
  • Collection of information, guidelines, manuals, tools and literature
  • Working groups on relevant topics (open for proposals from members)

Joint Projects & Funding

  • Initiation of pilot projects
  • Support in funding acquisition / project proposals
  • Contact to relevant institutions (GIZ, EDA, SECO etc.)

Information and Services

  • Annual General Meeting (possibility to get involved in strategic planning, run for board membership and meet personally)
  • Annual Symposium
  • Regular Member Mailings and Exchange Sessions
  • E-Learnings
  • Website with Login-Area: access to documentations,minutes and working group documents

What we do


processes of recognising human rights issues and responsibilities in the tourism sector and promote human rights due diligence amongst tour operators


criteria and concepts in order to implement human rights responsibility according to the UN Guidelines on Business and Human Rights, communicate them to the tourism industry and recommend them as guidelines


the implementation of human rights standards into the business practises of tour operators by creating access to good practice through dialogue and networking opportunities, valuable exchange and knowledge transfer


travellers, businesses, investors, educators, students and responsible politicians to respect human rights in tourism by raising awareness in the public and the media

Our commitment to human rights not only fosters responsible tourism but also enriches experiences for travelers and local communities alike. Let's be part of the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism and promote sustainable and inclusive travel worldwide.

Jeny Pokharel - SASANE Sisterhood Trekking & Travel

Tourism is a people’s business. The travel industry must work on joint solutions to ensure human rights in tourism. Therefore, I invite everybody to join forces and cooperate with us in the Roundtable – together we are stronger!

Tony Reyhanloo — Studiosus Reisen München

"As the worldwide largest platform for the tourism industry it is our responsibility to care for human rights at home and in destinations. In the Roundtable we can exchange ideas with like-minded industry members and together increase our power of impact."

R. Jean-Francois — ITB Berlin

"The Roundtable is a well-respected platform for trustful exchange and cooperation among different stakeholders. Joint activities and open discussions on eye-level are the basis to improve the human rights situation in tourism."

Antje Monshausen — Brot für die Welt

Discussions about human rights in tourism and in the destination are of great concern for our students. In this context, we are happy to refer to the Roundtable as a reliable platform to create feasible solutions for human rights topics in destinations.

Christin Khardani - LMU Munich

We believe travel & tourism are powerful forces for good, creating economic & social value, sustaining jobs, supporting businesses, & boosting investment. Join the Roundtable & share ideas with like-minded individuals to shape this vital industry's future.

Hazel Chan — ABTA

The Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism not only transcends the borders of countries and continents, but also those of different corporate and organizational cultures. This is admirable and worthy of support.

Jon Andrea Florin — fairunterwegs

"If you take your responsibility for human rights due diligence in your value chain seriously as a travel company, you soon realize that you won't get far alone. The exchange of information, opinions and joint actions by various stakeholders are crucial.

Peter-Mario Kubsch — Studiosus Reisen München

"We support tourism for sustainable development, with human rights being a central but under researched issue. As Roundtable founding member and part of the international network we appreciate the inspiration and knowledge that supports our daily work."

C. Kühhas — Naturefriends International

"The Roundtable is an ideal platform to share good practices and challenges of implementing human rights issues in business operations. TourCert uses this exchange to support its certified members in taking concrete actions for human rights protection."

Martin Balas — TourCert

Travel must enhance the lives of people in destinations, respecting & upholding human rights. Where at risk, our commitment to guard the situation is crucial. With the Roundtable, we, as tour operators, strengthen human rights through sustainable tourism.

Andre Kiwitz - Ventura TRAVEL

"Our goal is to enable our students to integrate human rights in their work routine by providing them with knowledge. The Roundtable is the platform where we get all information, current facts and appreciated support, in a network of like-minded partners."

Günter Moser — Berufsschule für Handel und Reisen

"The Austrian Travel Association (ÖRV) is committed to human rights responsibility and due diligence in tourism. Not only the travellers should feel well in the holiday countries, but also the hosts who live from and with tourism."

Josef Peterleithner — OERV

„Travel is a source of economic & social stability and a key driver of international understanding. At DRV, we are committed to safeguarding human rights as a fundamental principle. The diverse expertise of the Roundtable is therefore an important asset.“

Norbert Fiebig - DRV (German Travel Association)


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