We welcome a new member: EXO Travel


Statement of EXO Travel: 

We express our profound enthusiasm as EXO Travel, in joining the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism as a signatory. We are an organization deeply committed to ethical and sustainable practices within the tourism industry, we find great value and alignment in the objectives set by the Roundtable.

EXO Travel and our non profit arm, EXO Foundation, have long been dedicated to fostering positive impacts within the communities we engage with, while advocating for the protection and promotion of human rights. Our ethos focuses on the belief that tourism can and should be a force for good, enhancing local livelihoods, preserving cultural heritage, and safeguarding the dignity and rights of all individuals involved. 

By joining the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism, we affirm our firm commitment to upholding human rights standards across all facets of our operations. We recognize the profound influence tourism exerts on the socio-economic landscape of destinations, and thus, we embrace our responsibility to ensure that our activities contribute positively to the well-being of host communities and respect the fundamental rights of their inhabitants. 

Moreover, we are eager to collaborate with fellow signatories and stakeholders within the Roundtable to share best practices, exchange insights, and collectively address challenges of human rights in tourism. Through collaboration and concerted action, we firmly believe that we can have a meaningful impact and foster a tourism industry that serves social justice. 

We look forward to actively participating in the Roundtable endeavours and working alongside you to advance our shared vision of a more ethical and rights-respecting tourism industry. 

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