Webinar - HRIA in destinations 2

This 1-hour webinar was conducted on 2 October 2019 with 20 participants.

The first webinar explains the approach for the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism’s “blueprint” tool with step-by-step guidance through the process of a destination specific human rights impact assessment (HRIA) for tour operators. 

This second webinar informs about the on-site assessment that we conducted in Thailand and Myanmar from 5 to 17 September, and guides step by step through the content of the blueprint tool.

Table Webinar 2 October Presentation Minutes-Slides

Please note: Due to technical problems during the recording, the video is not complete.

To receive all contents, please follow these steps:

  • Please download the presentation with comments (see download below) and open it. 
  • Watch the presentation with comments until slide 5. Then the video recording starts - stream the video.
  • From minute 35:22 the recording does not show the presentation anymore, but you hear the audio. Click through the presentation from slide 28 on, while streaming the webinar from minute 35:22. You see the switch of slides in the picture on the left. It works well if you watch the video and presentation in parallel on your screen. 
  • From minute 49:25 (slide 34) on there is no more audio recording. Please continue to click through the presentation and read the comments, to get the full content.
Moderators: Jara Schreiber (Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism) & Sibylle Baumgartner, Matthias Leisinger (focusright)