Webinar I Encounters at Eye Level: Tackling Racism in the Tourism Value Chain

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Encounters at Eye Level: Tackling Racism in the Tourism Value Chain

Experts' Inputs and a Good Practice Example - Creating Awareness and Taking Action

10 December 2020, 2:00 - 3:00 pm CET

Structural racism often happens unintentionally – also in tourism - and can be actively avoided.
In the jubilee year of the independence of many African countries and on Human Rights Day, the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism wants to give some food for thought on the following questions:

How did colonialism lead to structural discrimination? To what extent does this affect the tourism industry today, and what can an SME tour operator do about it?

The Roundtable will discuss these questions with Martinique Lewis (Black Travel Foundation) and Yvonne Küpper from the tour operator Fairaway.

This webinar is explicitly targeted at SME tour operators and has the following objectives:

  • Know the history: Understand the impact of colonialism
  • Create awareness: Learn where we act racist without wanting to
  • Take action: Small steps towards anti-racism in your business and value chain


Pia Florence Masurczak works as a freelance journalist. In her reports for SWR, Deutschlandfunk and other broadcasters, she focuses on culture and social issues. In 2019, she produced a programme on colonial legacies in current travel documentaries – a topic she has already explored in her PhD thesis on colonial travelogues from India.

In any representation – journalism included – of another country, region or group of people we find traces of our own cultural background. All the more reason to discover how this shapes our perception of the world and to understand the implication our history has on our present.



Martinique Lewis is an award winning diversity in travel consultant,creative lead for Nomadness Travel Tribe, President of the Black Travel Alliance and now you can add creator of The ABC Travel Greenbook! The number one resources connecting travelers to the African Diaspora Globally.  Trusted amongst her peers as a ‘’connector’’ she is always connecting the dots to ensure the travel industry is mindful of diversity, not just as a ‘Buzz word’’ but an action that produces results.

As a Digital Disruptor whose immensely in love with all things travel, daily I strive to change the narrative by advocating for travelers that represent different demographics across multiple platforms. Working directly with tourism boards and travel brands I create content that is exciting and influential. My mission is to change the face of tourism forever, so that we all feel represented and see ourselves reflected!



Yvonne Küpper works at FairAway Travel and is responsible for all marketing activities. FairAway is a responsible tour operator, which offers tailor-made trips and local excursions within communities. They have developed several "off the beaten track" experiences, giving travelers the chance to experience another side of a popular destination, while offering a great source of income to local operators. 

Favorite things about the job? Growing a community of like-minded sustainability professionals and travelers around FairAway!



Katharina Stechl is working as Program Manager for the multi-stakeholder initiative and non-profit association Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism. The Roundtable builds a trusted network of currently 32 tourism stakeholders from six countries. It provides access to expertise, initiates pilot projects and develops learning materials to support the implementation of human rights due diligence in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles within tourism companies, the supply chain and in destinations. After her studies in Tourism Management at the University of Applied Science in Munich, among other jobs, she worked for the “Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ) in India in the field of urban and industrial development. She has profound experience in the areas of international development cooperation and communication/copywriting.