Webinar I Europe equals easy? Human Rights in Tourism on the Doorstep – Exemplified by Italy


Europe equals easy?

Human Rights in Tourism on the Doorstep – Exemplified by Italy

Expert input and good practice example

24. February 2022, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CET

The violation of human rights, also in tourism, is often automatically associated with countries of the Global South and clichés. Even though countries suffering from destabilising factors such as extreme poverty or authoritarian regimes usually top the end of numerous scales to measure human rights development, the supposedly more stable political and economic situation in Europe is by no means immune to this. However, there is often a lack of awareness of human rights violations within Europe or the EU. But every tourism activity has an impact - and human rights are an issue for every company, whether in Europe or the rest of the world.

By focusing on one of the most classic and -popular travel destinations in Europe, this webinar aims to raise awareness of the human rights situation in supposedly unobjectionable destinations. Trade union representative Sarah Lorai and Director of Skedaddle Italia, Naomi Lindfield, both based in Sardinia, will share first-hand reports and guidance on the situation in Italy.

Italy is a perennial favourite when it comes to holidays. Tourism has been one of Italy's most significant sources of income for decades. The country recorded 95 million tourists in 2019, making it the 5th most popular destination in the world.

This webinar is explicitly targeted at tourism businesses, associations and other stakeholders operating within Europe and is intended to

  • Raise sensitivity: Human rights in tourism concern every business - also in Europe
  • Show insights: Italy's human rights situation under the lens of a trade union and a tourism agency
  • Get started: Identify human rights risks and integrate measures to protect them in your operations


Sara Lorrai is the secretary from the Trade Union Fisascat Cisl Ogliastra in Italy, Sardinia.

She lived for 17 years in Germany, near Stuttgart. At the age of 18, she decided to move to Sardinia.
After her studies in economics in Cagliari, she began to work for the trade union Cislin Tortoli and as a German teacher in Lanusei. 

The Fisascat follows over 40 contracts of the tertiary sectors, also the tourism sector.  Actually, the fissacat cisl ogliastra has over 2000 members.


Based in Sardinia, Italy, Naomi Lindfield is Director of Skedaddle Italia – a specialist in cycling holidays in Italy. With 22 years of experience in the sector, Naomi combines her passion for Sustainable and responsible tourism within the outdoor travel industry. Besides running her business, Naomi is one of the founding members of Active Italy, a network of responsible Italian tour operators in the outdoor sector, promoting sustainable tourism practices. They work together to communicate with institutions, collaborate with local Tourist services, and guide communities that share the same values and missions, such as Keya of Lisa Dell, with whom there is a 15-year partnership and friendship.

Skedaddle Italia - is a Destination Management Company, part of Saddle Skedaddle, delivering quality and personalised cycling itineraries with the highest standard of service to tour operators worldwide while respecting the people, the resources and profits along the chain. Founded in 2015, Skedaddle Italia has an office in Sardinia, working all over Italy with trusted partnerships. It is our mission to contribute positively to the development of sustainable travel, as well as provide unique experiences to our customers

Keya -  is run by Lisa Dell and Gavino Meloni, a Tourist services company specialising in walking and outdoor activities. Founded in 1984 out of their passion for nature and the outdoors, they put into practice the principles of sustainable and responsible travel in everything they do, delivering walking holidays to partners such as Hauser Exkursionen, with whom they share a partnership since the beginning. 


Katharina Stechl is working as Program Manager for the multi-stakeholder initiative and non-profit association Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism. After her studies in Tourism Management at the University of Applied Science in Munich, among other jobs, she worked for the “Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ) in India in the field of urban and industrial development. She has profound experience in the areas of international development cooperation and communication/copywriting.

The Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism builds a trusted network of currently 33 tourism stakeholders from six countries. It provides access to expertise, initiates pilot projects and develops learning materials to support the implementation of human rights due diligence in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles within tourism companies, the supply chain and in destinations.