TO DO Award & TO DO Award Human Rights: New Competition Round - Nominate now!


TO DO Award Human Rights in Tourism. This award recognizes initiatives, projects, and individuals who exemplify the protection and adherence to human rights principles in tourism.

The topic of human rights plays an important role in tourism. Tourism is a service sector - people make tourism possible. At the same time, tourism affects numerous human rights along the supply chain. 

The award is intended to draw the attention of politically responsible persons, economic actors and tourism target groups to the human rights relevance of tourism offers and to enable them to act in a reflective manner when encountering and dealing with other cultures/people. It wants to create an understanding that tourism can only succeed for mutual benefit if human rights dimensions of offers are taken into account. It is intended to show positive examples that encourage imitation and further development, and to raise awareness of human rights problems and positive engagement in this field. 

Click here to find all the information on the procedure - We are looking forward to your suggestions. Please send them to info [at] humanrights-in-tourism [dot] net (info[at]humanrights-in-tourism[dot]net) by 31.07.2024.

The Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung e.V. has announced the TO DO Award 2025: Here you find the Conditions of Participation and the Registration.

Established in 1995, the Institute annually seeks out pioneering initiatives and projects that reflect the full spectrum of the tourism value chain. Candidates are encouraged to showcase innovative, future-oriented concepts or projects that contribute to sustainable tourism with a positive social impact.

The TO DO Award committee selects tourism projects globally that engage local communities in both development and implementation, directly linking them to the economic benefits. Projects worthy of the award are further recognized for preserving cultural identities and promoting intercultural exchanges between residents and visitors. Each project is evaluated for its commitment to environmental, social, economic, and cultural sustainability.