Women empowerment through tourism

This report is focused on world-wide case studies of positive examples of women empowerment through tourism. The research has been undertaken for purpose of contributing to the new action plan recently launched by United Nations World Travel Organization (UNWTO) in this area, which has been in consonance with UN Millennium Development Goal (MDG) agenda number three on gender and women empowerment. This report is part of the Master course of Leisure, Tourism and Environment, designed and supervised by Rd. Irena Matijevic, an expert in this area, at Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), the Netherlands.  In the beginning of this report, studies on researches done regarding women issues in relations to tourism from various points of views were discussed. Researchers revealed that women have been empowered through tourism directly and indirectly through some case studies done.

Case Studies / Examples
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Wageningen University and Research Centre [WUR]
136 pages
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