The tourism value chain

Analysis and practical approaches for development cooperation projects

The manual primarily addresses giz experts and partners working in the field of international development cooperation who are involved in planning and implementing tourism-related interventions as part of projects outside Germany. That said, it also offers practical guidance to responsible officers on the ground on promoting the regional value added of tourism. A key concern of this manual is to give readers an overview of the value creation system in the tourist sector as well as insights into the sector’s structures, processes and mode of operation. It is meant to make it easier for officers responsible for development projects who are unfamiliar with the tourism sector to gain an understanding of the topic and to offer a basis for identifying and planning individually appropriate interventions related to tourism. The manual also enables these target groups to apply the value chain concept in order to design the tourism value creation process or related value creation processes (supply chains) along the lines of sustainable development-policy interventions

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Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit [GIZ]
84 pages
Supply Chain
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