Tourism in Fragile Contexts

Guidelines for Product and Communication Managers for the Implementation of Human Rights-Related Due Diligence

Especially in post-conflict situations, implementing human rights related responsibility requires additional measures by companies. In order to be able to assess the impact of business operations on human rights in a post-conflict area, both the conflict and the current situation need to be carefully analysed. In particular, it is essential to keep posing concrete questions to all the actors involved. This new guideline pro-vides product and communications managers with recommendations for practical implementation. It is based on the experiences and the work of members of the Roundtable in Sri Lanka. The recommendations are based on measures that have been tried and tested in practice and specify tangible options of what tour operators can do. They are meant to help in identifying the range of risk situations. They may be used across countries and may be developed further by the respective companies. In this guideline, the Roundtable highlights another dimension of corporate due diligence in fragile human rights situations and supports tour operators in meeting their special responsibility.

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