Not on the menu! Sexism and sexual harassment in the Nordic tourism industry

Tourism is one of the most important industries in the Nordic Countries, employing around half a million workers and the industry needs to recruit large number of new workers to meet the future growth. At the same time the industry is experiencing poor reputation and facing major problems retaining current workforce due to low wages, precarious work and tough working conditions. Surveys amongst tourist workers show that sexual harassment is an issue that needs to be addressed. There is a growing awareness among Nordic trade unions in the hotel, restaurant, catering, and tourism sector on the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace, as it is a serious health and safety problem. The aim of the Nordic conference on sexism and sexual harassment in the service and tourism sectors to provide information and strategies on how to raise awareness and combat sexism and sexual harassment at the workplace. It is important to in-crease information and design strategies how to address the problem. This conference aims to highlight the problem of sexual harassment in the industry and is hopefully the start of a closer collaboration between social partners and governments on improving the occupational health and safety.

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