Innovating CBT in Asean

Current Directions and New Horizons

This document is one part of a research project on “Exploring possibilities for the development of a community-based tourism standard in the ASEAN region and beyond”. This project is currently in progress. An important part of the research is to stimulate an exchange of ideas and experiences between government, the private sector, local communities, and other stakeholders. The “Innovating CBT in ASEAN” conference is an important part of the research. This book has two main parts. The first part is a literature review and situation analysis of CBT in the 10 countries of ASEAN. The second part of the document presents case studies, written by practitioners with direct field experience, from eight ASEAN countries. Writers were asked to present experiences related to the conference themes of supporting sustainability through the development of CBT standards or guidelines, improved quality and action at policy level. The conference focuses on innovation in CBT development. The organizers hope that the conference and related documents will help to increase interest in and support for CBT in the ASEAN region, among the private sector, government organizations, NGOs, and academics.

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Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute [CBT-I]
117 pages
Community-based Tourism [CBT]
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