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This Road-testing version of the HumanRights Impact Assessment (HRIA) Guidance andToolbox is based on DIHR materials and experiences, input from expert reviewers, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and international human rights instruments, as well as public domain sourceson impact assessment. The preparation of the Guidance and Toolbox included two consultation drafts on which we received written feedback from expert reviewers, as well as a workshop in Geneva in November 2015, at which 15 of the expert reviewers participated in a discussion on the Guidance and Toolbox and HRIA. It is anticipated that in 2016-17, a Phase II of the project will focus on the Guidance and Toolbox in practice, the gathering and sharing of learning, and updating itbased on experiences from practice.As HRIA of business projects and activities is an emerging practice, this Road-testing version of the HRIA Guidance and Toolbox seeks to provide guidance to those working with HRIA, but also to contribute to a platform for dialogue about HRIA practice and standards in the business and human rights field. In this context, we welcome comments from stakeholders on the Guidance and Toolbox and on experiences with using it.

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