Human Rights Due Diligence - Training Facilitation Guide

As suggested above, every training must strike a balance between thoroughness and accessibility. This training is weighted slightly towards the latter as experience shows that many business professionals are not looking to UNDP as a partner to help them drill down deeply into their risk profiles and unpack corporate processes. Instead, they are looking to UNDP to learn more before bringing these matters back to their offices for further action. This fact aligns with UNDP’s unique value addition to the area of HRDD. This material does not intend to be the standard on HRDD training guides. Instead, it aims to enrich the enabling environment for greater uptake of HRDD, so that enterprises, business consultancies and associations, as well as civil society organizations and government regulators, can speak the same language and articulate a pathway forward together.

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UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights [UNGPs]
Due Diligence
Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]
Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR]