Global Report on Women in Tourism

The aim of the Global Report on Women in Tourism – Second Edition, is to examine the key factors that contribute to gender equality in the tourism sector. It pinpoints challenges and identifies ways to mitigate inequality and harness tourism’s potential to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment worldwide.In order to do this, the report explores the same five thematic areas as the first edition of Global Report – employment; entrepreneurship; education and training; leadership, policy and decision-making; and community and civil society. Drawing on existing literature and practice from the field of gender equality and tourism, five thematic goals were established to demonstrate what gender equality and women’s empowerment in tourism would look like. A series of questions were developed to understand the extent to which the tourism sector is meeting these goals (annex 3). These questions were addressed through a combination of quantitative analysis, literature review and 25 in-depth case studies from 18 countries.11 As well as exploring five thematic areas, the report explores trends across four world regions – Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe – and four key tourism industries – digital platforms and technology, hotels and accommodation, tour operators, and community-based tourism.

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World Tourism Organization [UNWTO]
192 pages
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