Gender Inequalities In The Tourism Labour Market

Research on the tourism labour market has focused mainly on hospitality and food and beverage services field, with an over-analysis of housekeepers. As the most discussed topics, much of the research concerning the tourism labour market and gender has been reduced to the glass ceiling problems and the wage gap. This fact causes the view on gender inequalities in the tourism industry to be severely skewed. Therefore, taking into account the current state of knowledge and the intersectionality framework, this report aims to state the issue on the tourism labour market with a gender perspective through a critical viewpoint. Thus, the present paper is positioned as a first approximation of scientific knowledge to this field with case studies that exemplify the different contexts. More specifically, this research includes 15 manifestations of gender inequality based on the previous work of Ernest Cañada (Moreno and Cañada, 2018; Cañada, 2019a).

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Alba Sud
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