ECPAT - Serious Game!


The sexual exploitation of children is a serious issue and the protection of children is the responsibility of all adults. By using this Serious Game you show that you and/or your company take on responsibility for the protection of children. This tool uses an effective, interactive and entertaining methodology to introduce the topic to tourism professionals and students. Most customers and business partners appreciate receiving such information as it demonstrates your commitment as a responsible company to child protection in tourism. Even so, addressing this topic might be a sensitive issue sometimes. Maybe you are unsure of how to address the topic in general, maybe you don’t wish to appear accusatory, maybe you are afraid of losing your job or getting into trouble with your employer if you raise the subject or maybe you are afraid of scaring customers off. Feel free to try out the different situations presented in the game – it’s fun to be more provocative than you would dare to be in a real situation of this kind. See how people react and what kind of discussion might evolve. Try out these situations in the game so that you are prepared in real life.

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