Dos and Don’ts for Tourists

How to be a responsible traveler in Myanmar

As a frame of reference for responsible tourists in Myanmar, the Dos and Don’ts for Tourists provide suggestions on how tourists can visit Myanmar responsibly. The Dos and Don’ts aim to maximize tourism’s benefit and minimize the negative impacts of tourism on the environment, culture and society. First adopted by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in 2012, the present 2nd edition of the Dos and Don’ts is the result of a collaborative approach by the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation, Tourism Transparency, the Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute and the UN International Trade Center, who embarked on a journey of review and evaluation. The first edition of the Dos and Don’ts was launched at a time when the tourism potential of Myanmar slowly began to be realized; five years on, and Myanmar’s tremendous growth as a tourist destination is unchallenged in the region. Recognizing that the impacts of tourism are more visible in 2017, and to keep with the goal of positioning Myanmar as a sustainable tourism destination, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism aims to ensure that visitors are culturally aware, environmentally conscious and economically deliberate. Unethical practice ought to be reduced and tourism activities that are undertaken with respect for dignity, safety and freedom from exploitation are encouraged.

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