Diversity within small and medium-sized enterprises

best practices and approaches for moving ahead

This is a guide for European small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) managers wishing to improve the competitiveness and the social and economic performance of their business by building on the diversity of their workforce. The publication contains basic information for all SMEs to use, regardless of their size (from 1 to 500 employees), business sector, location (local, regional, national) and management mode. This publication is not intended to be comprehensive but rather to highlight key elements for successful diversification by SME management, wishing to embark on diversity management.

The guide is divided into three parts:

 - Key elements for SMEs to undertake diversity actions;

 - Best Practices of SMEs successfully implementing diversity measures;

 - Best Practices of large corporate groups successfully supporting SMEs define and implement their diversity policy.

The purpose of this guide is to provide SME managers with simple yet concrete keys for implementing integrated and efficient diversity management measures

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European Commission
66 pages
Diversity & Inclusion