Bureau of International Labor Affairs


The Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) leads the U.S. government’s efforts to improve working conditions and fight labor exploitation around the world. Our work reflects the values of the American people as it furthers the interests of our workers and businesses. ILAB negotiates, monitors, and enforces the labor provisions of U.S. trade agreements and preference programs. These efforts have led to improved laws and enforcement among many key trading partners. ILAB has a quarter century of experience overseeing technical assistance projects to improve worker rights .Our unparalleled, in-depth reporting on child labor and forced labor and constructive engagement with governments, private sector, and civil society stakeholders spurs concrete actions to address these abuses and helps stem the flow of goods made with forced labor from entering the U.S. Going forward, ILAB will continue to strengthen and consolidate the gainsmade over our 70-year history as we defend the dignity of work abroad in order to safeguard it here at home.

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