Accessibility and Inclusive Tourism Development In Nature Areas

Compendium of Best Practices

This publication showcases examples of good practices on accessible tourism in natural areas, and sheds light on critical topics such as the proper diagnosis, design and criteria of accessibility plans, private-public collaboration schemes and funding mechanisms, which are just some of the key factors and barriers that exist today to make nature-based tourism more inclusive for all. The aim of this publication is to create an accessible pathway in nature, from which to descry a new approach for inclusive tourism development in natural areas, conceiving nature as the original space that integrates our full diversity. The projects compiled in this publication have made a recognized and challenging effort to break barriers and bring new, exciting opportunities for users and other entities and organizations to follow their examples and replicate them in different destinations. They show that it is possible to make nature spaces accessible without harming natural environments, making accessibility unnoticeable while used by everyone.

Case Studies / Examples
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World Tourism Organization [UNWTO]
78 pages
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