We welcome a new member: ECTAA


Statement of ECTAA:

ECTAA is the European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Association. Our mission is to drive growth and competitiveness in the European travel industry by working with members to inform and shape the debate in the European institutions and industry bodies. We also work with members and other stakeholders to accelerate and strengthen the transition to a more sustainable travel and tourism industry, by providing a forum for collaboration, partnership, education and learning and promoting and supporting the uptake of sustainable practices and tools within the industry. 

ECTAA would like to become a member of the Roundtable on Human Rights in Tourism as part of its mission to promote and support the sustainable transition of the industry. We would like to raise awareness of the importance of human rights issues in tourism among our membership and with our partners, and help disseminate information, common tools and best practices. We also want get a better understanding of the issues and see how our Sustainability Committee could contribute to the work of the Roundtable. 

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