Letter of Concern regarding Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill


About a month ago, Uganda passed a law criminalising identification as LGBTQ and providing for the death penalty for some offences - one of the strictest laws against homosexuals in the world. The law has sparked outrage around the world. International pressure and threats of sanctions, e.g. by the US, have led to President Museveni refusing to sign the law within the set deadline and wanting to revise the law. However, it is not yet clear what changes are to be expected. 

The Roundtable follows the reporting and initiatied a joint letter of concern from the tourism industry with regard of these current developments. 28 tour operators and institutions have signed the letter that was sent on 15 May 2023 to the government in Uganda, with copies to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, the Ministry of Tourism Wildlife & Antiquities and the Uganda Tourism Board.