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Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system. Ultimate authority rests with King Mohammed VI, who presides over the Council of Ministers. The king shares executive authority with Head of Government. According to the constitution, the king appoints the head of government from the political party with the most seats in parliament and approves members of the government nominated by the head of government. Observers characterized the parliamentary elections as well organized and conducted without significant problems or irregularities. The government took steps to investigate officials who allegedly committed human rights abuses and acts of corruption, but investigations into police, security force, and detention center abuses lacked transparency and frequently encountered long delays and procedural obstacles that contributed to impunity.

The overall score indicates that there are substantial risks of potential human rights violations in this country. This may also include the tourism sector. Relevant risks for the tourism sector are, e.g.:
  • Serious restrictions on free expression and media
  • Substantial interference with the freedom of assembly and freedom of association
  • Criminalisation of LGBTQI+ conduct
  • Government corruption

For better comparability, we have converted the original scores of the indices to a uniform scale of 1-100 (1 most negative, 100 most positive).

In the following table you find these recalculated values and the original score in brackets behind them.

For information and a link to the original index click on "?" in the table.

The Overall Score is the geometric mean of all converted values for each country. It is subcategorized in five risk categories with colour gradations that can be seen in the map.

You can find more details on the methodology here.

50,0/100 (3)
68,3/100 (0,683)
76,4/100 (0,764)
64,0/100 (3,6)
51,7/100 (48,34)
62,5/100 (T2)
62,4/100 (0,624)
48,0/100 (0,48)
41,6/100 (70,1)
37,0/100 (37)
28,4/100 (28,4)
39,0/100 (39)
22,0/100 (22)