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Mexico is a multiparty federal republic with an elected president and bicameral legislature. The multiparty elections were generally free and fair. Impunity and extremely low rates of prosecution remained a problem for all crimes, including human rights abuses and corruption. There were reports some government agents were complicit with international organized criminal gangs, and prosecution and conviction rates were low for these abuses. Organized criminal elements, including local and transnational gangs, and narcotics traffickers, were significant perpetrators of violent crimes and committed acts of homicide, torture, kidnapping, extortion, human trafficking, bribery, intimidation, and other threats, resulting in high levels of violence and exploitation, particularly targeting vulnerable groups.

The overall score indicates that there are substantial risks of potential human rights violations in this country. This may also include the tourism sector. Relevant risks for the tourism sector are, e.g.:
  • Acts of corruption
  • Insufficient investigation of and accountability for gender-based violence
  • Threats of violence against persons with disabilities
  • Threats of violence against LGBTQI+ persons
The government investigated and prosecuted some of these crimes, but the vast majority remained uninvestigated and unprosecuted.

For better comparability, we have converted the original scores of the indices to a uniform scale of 1-100 (1 most negative, 100 most positive).

In the following table you find these recalculated values and the original score in brackets behind them.

For information and a link to the original index click on "?" in the table.

The Overall Score is the geometric mean of all converted values for each country. It is subcategorized in five risk categories with colour gradations that can be seen in the map.

You can find more details on the methodology here.

50,0/100 (3)
75,8/100 (0,758)
81,6/100 (0,816)
54,0/100 (4,6)
42,7/100 (57,31)
62,5/100 (T2)
76,4/100 (0,764)
42,0/100 (0,42)
41,4/100 (70,3)
60,0/100 (60)
45,5/100 (45,5)
31,0/100 (31)
74,0/100 (74)