First Webinar is online

Webinar Human Rights impact assessment August 2019

On 28 August 2019 the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism conducted a 1-hour webinar on "How can tour operators assess human rights impacts in their value chains?". 
27 international participants from different tourism stakeholder groups attended the webinar.

During the webinar, the approach for the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism’s “blueprint” tool with step-by-step guidance through the process of a destination specific human rights impact assessment (HRIA) for tour operators was explained:

  • How to conduct a value-chain based HRIA in a tourism destination?
  • How to assess potential and actual human rights-related impacts of business activities in a selected tourism destination?
  • How to develop and implement an action plan with follow-up measures based on the human rights impacts identified?

Participants got to know

  • the development process, the content and methodology of the HRIA “blueprint” tool;
  • the project set-up and how the development of the HRIA “blueprint” tool is connected with the on-site assessment in Thailand and Myanmar;
  • up-to date information on how to prepare such an on-site assessment, and could ask questions and provide feedback on the methodology.



During the second webinar (2 October 2019, 10:00 – 11:00 am CET) the first findings from the on-site assessment in Thailand and Myanmar (conducted from 5 to 17 September 2019) will be shared and discussed. A focus will be on the analysis of the collected information and the development of follow-up measures to address the issues identified. We recommend the participation in both webinars, since the content builds up on each other.

You find more detailed information on the second webinar HERE. 

To register for the second webinar and receive the login data, please write an Email to info [at] humanrights-in-tourism [dot] net