Introduction to Just Transition

A Business Brief

According to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, the August 2021 IPCC REPORT is a Code Red for Humanity. Confronting the climate crisis requires decisive, coherent action, with significant impacts on workers, communities, industries and regions. A just transition leverages the net-zero transition to advance decent work, promote social inclusion and eradicate poverty. The Business Brief provides an introduction to the role of business in ensuring a just transition for all, covering just transition’s foundation and meaning, priority actions for businesses, relevant areas of work and the business case. The private sector has a central role to play in achieving a just transition. Businesses can support a just transition through their own policies and strategies, but also by advocating for a public policy environment which is conducive to a just transition for all. The principles of just transition are universal, but companies and business functions apply them differently. This Business Brief highlights some of these differences and outlines seven priority actions to help all companies understand just transition’s principles, identify gaps in current practices and generate ideas for improving alignment.

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