How to Declare a Climate Emergency & Take Climate Action

A playbook for business

The second edition of the Climate Emergency Playbook includes case studies about businesses that have declared a climate emergency and a deeper series of approaches about how to engage with key departments. Covering the topics of taking action, climate advocacy, and the road ahead, it provides recommendations for action and an outlook on future challenges and opportunities in the business context. The purpose of this playbook is to inspire and support businesses of all sizes who want to take climate action, declare a climate emergency and engage in meaningful climate advocacy. It presents practical tools and resources for business executives and employees who wish to step up their commitment to transforming their organisation’s governance, operations and business models to address the climate emergency. The playbook is for all businesses on this journey including board members, employees and executives of any business taking the climate and ecological breakdown seriously.

Tools / Guidelines / Training
B Lab UK
49 pages
Climate Change