Community Based Tourism Handbook

Community Based Tourism - CBT- is a unique, participatory model of tourism which offers the potential to create real and lasting benefits for a wide spectrum of stakeholders, both inside and outside the community. As practitioners and developers of CBT, REST appreciate the hopes which potential CBT practitioners will bring to this CBT Handbook. We share in your excitement and wish you every success in your work. We hope that this Handbook will be a useful resource for you. Nevertheless, from the beginning of the Handbook, REST wish to encourage all readers to contemplate a crucial lesson. Despite its promise, CBT should not be regarded as a perfect, pre-packaged solution to community problems. CBT is neither a miracle cure, nor a knight in shining Armor that will gallop into rescue communities from all their troubles. If carelessly applied, CBT can create problems and even bring disaster upon the community. So, please: 'Read with Hope', but 'Handle With Care'.

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Suansri P.
Responsible Ecological Social Tour-REST
120 pages
Community-based Tourism [CBT]
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