Behavioural Economics

Getting service providers and travellers to choose sustainable options

Behavioural economics draws together insights from different disciplines to help explain human decision-making and behaviours. It challenges the assumption of perfect rationality and reveals how many of our decisions are fast, subconscious choices, especially when we are time poor, distracted and multitasking. Using behavioural economics can help us design Travel & Tourism products and services that promote the sustainable choice as the most likely choice the consumer or traveller will make. Considering decision-making and behavioural insights can inform promotional and sales materials, pricing strategies, staff training and the design of the experience itself. Behavioural economic approaches employ nudges and behaviour-smart designs to avoid placing a disproportionate burden on the traveller to make sustainability decisions. Highlighting common biases and introducing the behavioural toolset, the report covers two case studies and recommends an action plan for the global travel & tourism private sector to make it easier for travellers to make sustainable choices.

Studies / Research / Report
World Travel & Tourism Council
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
12 pages
Consumer Awareness