We welcome a new member: Sasane Sisterhood Trekking & Travel


Statement Sasane Sisterhood Trekking & Travel: 

SASANE Sisterhood trains female survivors of various forms of violence as local tour guides in the Kathmandu and Pokhara areas.  We offer travelers a unique cultural immersion experience, unforgettable trekking, authentic Nepali cooking class with involvement in impact based projects which ultimately contributes to combating social issues. 

SASANE works with the most disadvantaged and vulnerable population in Nepal - the female survivors of violence for which we as a travel company want to be cent percent sure and confident that we are abided by the Human Rights Declaration. Moreover, we want to be monitored and evaluated via needful due diligence on human rights assurance to the involved population and travelers at all cost. This is why we want to be an active member of the Roundtable for Human Rights.

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