We welcome a new member: Green Tiger Travel


Statement of Green Tiger Travel: 

We at Green Tiger Travel are expressing our keen interest in becoming a member of Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism e.V. 

Green Tiger values correspond fundamentally to the values the Roundtable is promoting. With Green Tiger Travel we are specialised in individual tours in Southeast Asia. With our brand Green Lion Travel we focus on selected countries in Southern Africa. Our idea of individual tourism aims at a sustainable exchange between people which can only be reached if all involved parties are profiting in a fair manner. So this involves our customers, employees and partners in our guest countries. While we are constantly closely working on our products to be sustainable the topic human rights represents the basic of our ethical commitment. Our human rights commitment as a tour operator is anchored in our ethical corporate mission statement. In our destinations, we work together with carefully selected partners who are committed to the same sustainable ideals as we are and whose work we have valued and known for a long time.

Therefore with our membership at the Roundtable we hope to be able to become better in our work. At the same time we expect a lasting exchange on the significant topic of human rights.

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