We welcome a new member: asr


Statement of asr - Allianz Selbständiger Reiseunternehmen e.V.:

The asr has been the representative of medium-sized tourism companies for over 40 years. The asr Bundesverband e.V. represents medium-sized tourism vis-à-vis politics and is committed to equal opportunities for medium-sized companies in the field of tour operators, travel agencies and services.

By becoming a member of the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism, we want to make our contribution to a basic concern of tourism – the encounter with cultures and people. 

Tourism is the livelihood of many people all over the world. We consider it one of our association's tasks to develop tourism in a socially sustainable way and while respecting human rights. In this way, we create a sustainable basis for our members' business activities.

Membership in the Roundtable offers our members the opportunity to inform themselves about the current human rights situation in the target countries, to receive help in assessing their business partners there and to pass on information from their target countries.

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