Update: Get started Tool - Diversity and Inclusion


During the last months, we took some time to update our Get Started Tool and added the crucial topics of diversity and inclusion in tourism.

It is no news that fostering a diverse and inclusive sector is a social imperative and a business opportunity. So, what's necessary for creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and ensuring an inclusive travel experience for all?

There's no doubt that diversity and inclusion are most effective when part of your company's culture and DNA. But to start implementing real workplace change in your own tourism business, it's the little things that can make a massive difference in the long run.
Often, the biggest challenge is knowing where to start, and we believe that collaboration is absolutely key to promoting a diverse and inclusive travel industry. So here we are, supporting you to tackle the different risks and challenges related to diversity and inclusion in tourism.

Our Get Started Tool is a free online tool designed for small and medium-sized tourism companies to identify business-related human rights risks along their value chain. It now also collects a variety of actual cases for you to analyse the human rights risks related to diversity and inclusion. Moreover, we compiled helpful guidelines, further resources, good practices, and recommendations on concrete actions to take to address these risks.

The tool now also guides in supporting an inclusive work environment and travel experience for all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, or age. 
There's no doubt that it is about the little actions each of us take and hold ourselves accountable for – but we also invite you to connect the dots and join forces to ensure our industry is welcoming and inclusive for all.

Have a look at our Get Started Tool and join our multistakeholder initiative to get practical support and take concrete action to respect human rights in tourism: https://www.humanrights-in-tourism.net/get-involved