Child Labour Working Group: 2020 Annual Report

Child labour is a complex phenomenon caused by both socio-economic and political factors. After years of continuous improvement, the unprecedented economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to increase the number of children in the worst forms of child labour. Companies are aware that failure to tackle child labour can have devastating impacts on their brand and lead to reputational, legal, and financial risks. They face numerous challenges when trying to address this issue, ranging from poor supply chain visibility, to reputational concerns when they decide to tackle the problem. To inspire action, it is necessary for the private sector to utilise tools which help assessing the risk of child labour in particular geographies, industries, and commodities. In 2019, the Global Compact Network UK launched a Child Labour Working Group (CLWG) to debate, discuss, and share the challenges of working to eliminate child labour and WFCL in supply chains. The Child Labour Working Group 2020 Annual Report summarises the key takeaways from UNGC UK's 2020 Child Labour Working Group meetings. Key features include an overview of child labour, discussing the challenges businesses face when tackling child labour, and highlighting possible tools and solutions.

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12 pages
Children's Rights
Labour Rights
Due Diligence
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