Business and Human Rights: Navigating a Changing Legal Landscape

January 2022

The momentum behind the introduction of mandatory human rights and environmental reporting and due diligence requirements at a national level continues to grow. At the same time, there is increasing recognition by policymakers and legislatures of the value of adopting a holistic approach to driving responsible and sustainable business conduct that integrates – at least to some extent – a focus on human rights, the environment, and good governance. In fact, due diligence requirements form part of broader efforts to drive responsible business conduct, sustainable corporate governance, and to include business in efforts to tackle climate change through the energy transition. Those businesses which choose to align their human rights and environmental risk management processes with those standards voluntarily will be best placed to meet the demands of mandatory measures geared at promoting respect for human rights and other ESG objectives through reporting and due diligence. In this briefing, the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights and Clifford Chance consider these developments, focusing on what companies need to know to position themselves to navigate the changing legal landscape.

Studies / Research / Report
Clifford Chance
Global Business Inititative [GBI]
30 pages
Due Diligence
UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights [UNGPs]