Assessing Human Rights Impacts

Kenya Pilot Project Report November 2012

This pilot project represents a first assessment of the human rights risks and impacts arising from Kuoni’s operations and business relationships. the  selection of Kenya, where Kuoni operates through its fully-owned destination management company private safaris east Africa Limited (ps  L), was based on a number of criteria: For instance, Kenya combines both beach and safari / excursion tourism and therefore provides a good range of Kuoni’s destination business activities. its selection does not imply that the human rights challenges are greater in Kenya than in other destinations. the objectives of the pilot project were twofold: provide Kuoni with a more precise understanding of the human rights context of its operations and business relationships in Kenya, and the actual or potential human rights impacts it may cause, contribute to, or be linked to, as well as existing measures being taken to address them. identify possible mitigating measures and means to  enhance access to remedy. h  develop and test a methodology for assessing  human rights impacts which can subsequently be used for other destinations. guiding this approach is an interest in generating a process which engages management and stakeholders at a corporate and destination level, is on-going, and can be embedded into Kuoni’s business practice. This report will be used for: internal awareness-raising and informing decision making on possible prevention, mitigation and remediation actions. Sharing the learning widely with stakeholders in the tourism industry, civil society and beyond in order to inform future practice on human rights in the tourism sector.

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