Assessing the Effectiveness of Company Grievance Mechanisms

(CSR Europe)

This report was written by the staff of CSR Europe with support from Yadaira Orsini from International Alert. It is based on the information gathered in the framework of CSR Europe’s Collaborative Project on Sustainable Supply Chains, Business & Human Rights. The project - guided by CSR Europe’s corporate members  Hitachi,  ArcelorMittal,  Vattenfall  and Volkswagen,  and  CSR  Europe’s  German  partner organisation, econsense – aims to enhance joint learning on the business implications of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and to support companies in their implementation. One of the specific focus areas is company mechanisms for addressing human rights complaints.This report is the outcome of CSR Europe’s collaborative work with  members on the topic of company grievance mechanisms. It contains a practical interpretation of the eight effectiveness criteria  for  grievance  mechanisms  which  served as  the basis of CSR  Europe’s  Management of Complaints Assessment (MOC-A) tool. The report also presents an overview of the initial findings from deploying the tool with 15 companies from a number of different sectors.

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