Addressing consumer awareness and (in)action towards modern slavery

Rapid research report: review of existing evidence

Modern slavery has affected the many products and services we consume as part of our everyday lives. Current business models can contribute to increasing the risks of exploitative labour practices occurring, whilst complex global supply chains mean that modern slavery can be less visible to the public eye. This issue exists not only in well-cited locations, such as, Bangladesh or India, but also in the UK. The current research is driven by the need to unpack the role of consumers in modern slavery and associated action. Following a comprehensive review of existing academic research in the area of modern slavery and consumption, the research analyses ten case studies of real-world interventions that attempt to mobilise consumers towards instances of modern slavery. Considering both insights for immediate application and future research needs, the report identifies further pathways for effective campaigns and policy to mobilise consumers. 

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Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre
37 pages
Modern Slavery
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Consumer Awareness