Becoming a member

 The Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism is an alliance of different stakeholder groups:

> Civil Society

> Business

> Politics


The Roundtable is open to all institutionalised stakeholders who

> commit to the aims of the Roundtable,

> promote their implementation in their business activities,

> review the progress of their activities and report them publicly.

The Signing of the "Commitment on Human Rights in Tourism" or a declaration in accordance with the stakeholder group is required.

> Declaration for travel associations

> Declaration for tourism enterprises

> Declaration for institutions & multipliers

> Declaration for NGOs

> Declaration for certifiers


You will find details on membership and guest status as well as on the working methods and decision-making processes in our Statutes.

You will find information about our membership fees in our rules of contribution

Many of the legal information are only available in German.

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